VueMagic™ Mate

We are working with our customers to bring the VueMagic-Mate accessories to market. Pixelworks currently provides complete VueMagic-Mate reference designs to our hardware partners to make any legacy projector, or new projector without connectivity, instantly VueMagic compatible.

VueMagic™ Mate Pro Box Reference Design

VueMagic-Mate Pro provides LAN or Wi-Fi VueMagic connectivity instantly to virtually any projector or display in seconds in a compact form-factor. The Projector or Display must have either HDMI or VGA inputs to be compatible.


Personal VueMagic™ Mate Dongle

The Personal VueMagic-Mate Dongle is targeted toward professionals, business travelers and educators. This personal accessory can fit in your pocket and connects to virtually any projector to make it instantly compatible with the VueMagic app. The Personal VueMagic-Mate dongle has a built in Wi-Fi Access Point for easy VueMagic connectivity instantly and doesn’t require external routers or network access and configuration. The Projector or Display must have a VGA connector to be compatible.


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