1. Why can’t I find my projector in VueMagic?
    Answer: First ensure your projector is compatible with VueMagic by checking your projector brand against our list of supported models. If the projector model is supported, ensure the Wi-Fi connectivity feature is enabled on the projector. Next, the mobile device should connect to the same Wi-Fi network as the projector. This can be done by going to Settings on your iOS or Android device and verifying the Wi-Fi network selection. Once the proper Wi-Fi network has been selected in both the projector and the mobile device(s), go to the Projector tab or Icon in VueMagic and refresh. You will see the list of available projectors. Select the appropriate projector.
  2. Does VueMagic work on other platforms beyond iOS and Android devices such as Windows PC or Mac?
    Answer: Pixelworks is currently planning both a Windows PC and Mac version of VueMagic. We are working to release these in the coming months.
  3. Why doesn’t my projector work with VueMagic?
    Answer: We are working with a broad set of top projector customers to provide VueMagic compatibility to more brands and models. We expect these to be coming to market in the coming months in 2014. We are also working on providing external accessory products through our customers to provide VueMagic-Mate dongles and connectivity boxes in the coming months. The VueMagic-Mate accessories will add VueMagic compatibility to virtually any projector.
  4. Why can’t I open up Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files in VueMagic?
    Answer: If you are using Android v1.5 or earlier, VueMagic does not support MS-Office file formats yet. MS-Office compatibility will be provided in the next release of VueMagic shortly. iOS versions of VueMagic already support MS-Office file compatibility.
  5. How can I use VueMagic for video conferencing using my mobile device?
    Answer: In order to use remote video conference feature using Live Camera, both the projector and the mobile device must be logged onto the same network. You will need a network capable projector compatible with the VueMagic app. Then search for available projectors (refresh). The VueMagic app should logon to the network projector and you must enter the 4 digit projector logon code for security (if enabled in the projector) to ensure your data is only broadcast to the correct projector. After setting up the projector and mobile device to the same network, launch the Live Video feature and the live feed will be broadcast to the selected projector. You can setup 2:1 or 4:1 side-by-side display capability to view the video conference in a window next to the meeting content being displayed.
  6. I want to view multiple mobile devices and view them in different windows using VueMagic app. How can I do this?
    Answer: Using the 4:1 display or 2:1 display feature, you can enable which region you would like each mobile device to be displayed. You can only use 2 half screens side by side, or 4 quarter screen sizes side by side in each quadrant, or full screen using one device being displayed at a time. Only side by side display is possible. Picture in picture (PIP) is currently not supported in the VueMagic app.
  7. How do I get my file permanently stored in the VueMagic app on my iOS device instead of opening through emails or third party apps?
    Answer: Photos may be saved locally to CameraRoll on the iOS device. For other file formats such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or PDF files, in the iOS version we provide a VueMagic host server webpage file upload tool to allow uploading directly into the VueMagic app. To access this host server webpage, the initial splash of the VueMagic app will display a message at the bottom of the screen similar to this:
    "Connect to http://xx.x.xx.xxx:xxxx to upload files"
    where x will be a unique number of the webpage IP address. Using your PC or Mac or other device you can access this webpage and upload files directly to VueMagic. These files will be stored in VueMagic until you delete them.
  8. Why does VueMagic recommend to use PDF file format for making presentations?
    Answer: The process of converting a file to a display, which is called rendering, can have errors for text and graphics. MS-Office and other file formats may not convert perfectly to the display. The highest display rendering can be achieved typically using a PDF version of the file. If you are using an MS-Office format file, the recommended solution is to save the file as a PDF directly in MS-Office (using File SaveAs) and then open the PDF file in the VueMagic app.
  9. Why isn’t Keystone correction and 4 Corner Image adjustment function working in VueMagic?
    Answer: The projector must specifically support these features. Not all projectors offer these features. Please check the manufacturer specification. If the projector supports these features, also ensure it is VueMagic compatible by checking your brand and model against our current list of compatible projectors. Please contact the manufacturer if you would like to have this capability in your projector.