Supported Projectors

Sony Projector models:

  • VPL-EX221, VPL-EX241, VPL-EX271
  • VPL-EX222, VPL-EX242, VPL-EX272
  • VPL-EX225, VPL-EX245, VPL-EX275
  • VPL-EX226, VPL-EX246, VPL-EX276
  • VPL-EX230, VPL-EX250, VPL-EX290
  • VPL-EX233, VPL-EX253, VPL-EX273, VPL-EX293
  • VPL-EX235, VPL-EX255, VPL-EX295
  • VPL-EX281, VPL-EX282, VPL-EX283
  • VPL-EX274
  • VPL-EW225, VPL-EW245, VPL-EW275
  • VPL-EW226, VPL-EW246, VPL-EW276
  • VPL-EW235, VPL-EW255, VPL-EW295
  • VPL-SX620, VPL-SX630
  • VPL-SW225, VPL-SW235
  • VPL-SW536C, VPL-SW526C
  • VPL-SW620, VPL-SW630
  • VPL-SW620C, VPL-SW630C
  • VPL-SX225, VPL-SX235
  • VPL-DW125, VPL-DW126, VPL-DW127
  • VPL-DX145, VPL-DX125
  • VPL-DX146, VPL-DX126
  • VPL-DX147, VPL-DX127
  • VPL-CH370, VPL-CH373, VPL-CH375, VPL-CH378
  • VPL-CH350, VPL-CH353, VPL-CH355, VPL-CH358

Benq Projector models:

  • SH915
  • SW916
  • MW768
  • MW769


  • X501
  • W501
  • EH501


  • CP-TW2503, CP-TW2505
  • CP-TW3003, CP-TW3005
  • CP-BX301WN, CP-BX302WN, CP-BW301WN, CP-BW302WN
  • CP-AX2505, CP-AX3005, CP-AX3505, CP-AW2505, CP-AW3005
  • CP-CX301WN, CP-CW251WN, CP-CW301WN, HCP-K28, HCP-K33
  • HCP-Q210, HCP-Q310, HCP-Q310W
  • HCP-A827, HCP-A833, HCP-A836, HCP-A827W, HCP-A833W
  • CP-X2541WN, CP-X3041WN, CP-X4041WN, CP-WX3041WN, CP-WX3541WN, CP-WX4041WN


  • VZ575N
  • VW535N
  • VX605N
  • EZ590, EW650, EX620, EW550, EX520, EZ57
  • FZ570, FW530, FX500

This list is based on Pixelworks' knowledge of which projectors are known to be compatible with the VueMagic app. We may update this list from time-to-time. Any questions regarding projector compatibility should be directed to the manufacturer.
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